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The Travel Button® on Pinterest

Simple steps to add The Travel Button® to your Pinterest pins

Learn how to use The Travel Button® on your Pinterest pins. With a single click, give your audience access to your personalized travel search engine.

1) Log in to your Pinterest account and navigate to any of your boards.

2) Upload a Pin or click ‘edit’ in any pin you have previously uploaded.

1) To set up your travel search engine, on our website go to ‘customize The Travel Button®’.

2) Select the ‘direct links’ option in step 1.

3) You can link your travel search engine with a particular destination if you wish.

4) In step 3, enter your tracking code.

5) Click ‘copy URL’.

  • Use the first two options (global and go buttons) if you want the URL for the global search engine. Or give your audience access to more specific options by choosing one of our search engines with tailored offers for different services.

6) In the ‘Edit this Pin’ menu, find the ‘Website’ section and paste the search engine’s URL (the one you copied from our website).

7) Save the changes and you’re done.

Now, when your pin manages to catch someone’s attention, they only need to click on it to go directly to your personalized travel search engine and find all the information they may need.

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