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The Travel Button® on Print media

Simple steps to add The Travel Button® to print media

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to customize your phygital button. Give your audience the ability to access the travel search engine from your print publications.

1) On our website go to ‘customize The Travel Button®’.

2) Select the ‘direct links’ option in step 1.

3) Link your travel search engine with the destination mentioned in your publication.

4) In step 3, enter your tracking code.

5) If you want to add an image of The Travel Button® to the QR code, choose the one you like and click ‘download image’.

6) Click on ‘copy URL’.

  • Use the first two options (original button or go button) if you want to display a global search engine, or choose one of the other available options to offer more tailored information

Once you have finished the process of creating your button, you can generate a unique QR.

7) Go to the website

8) In the ‘enter content’ section, paste the URL you copied from our website.

9) Navigate through the other configuration tabs and customize the QR code to your liking. You can choose the colors, add the image of the button, and even change the shape of the QR.

10) When you are done, click on the ‘create QR code’ button.

11) A unique QR will be generated, which you can download to use in your printed publications, choosing the most convenient format.

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