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Terms of use for the affiliate network We Travel Hub

Apart from the general conditions expressed in the section of terms of use regarding access, navigation, and use of the website For an AFFILIATE or someone seeking to be part of our Affiliate Network, you need to carefully read the following specific conditions for AFFILIATES. In the event of any conflict between the general conditions expressed in the terms of service section and the affiliate conditions, in the case of AFFILIATES, the latter will prevail.

By submitting the Application Form, the user confirms their willingness to be part of the WE TRAVEL HUB Affiliate Network, accepting the general conditions of the terms of service, the particular conditions of the AFFILIATES defined here, as well as the terms of WE TRAVEL HUB’s privacy policy. Thereby expressing their willingness to host on their websites the software application, called The Travel Button®, that WE TRAVEL HUB provides their AFFILIATES.

The Travel Button® is a computer application that can be configured as one or more search buttons for travel or tourism-related services. Once incorporated into the AFFILIATE’s web pages, it will allow their visitors to perform searches in our travel search engine, helping them find the travel products or services that best suit their preferences, referring them to the final providers’ websites at the time of contracting.

The potential AFFILIATE will have to prove that they are indeed the owner of the web page, or the person responsible for managing it and be 18 years old or older.

To join the WE TRAVEL HUB Affiliate Network, it is necessary to validate ownership, and receive approval from WE TRAVEL HUB for at least one web page.

The approval process consists of 2 parts: verification of web page ownership or management, and review of the compliance of said web page with WE TRAVEL HUB’s content policy.

Once ownership of the web page has been validated, WE TRAVEL HUB will review its content and reserve the right to reject it in case we consider said content inappropriate, or in breach of the terms expressed in the intellectual property section, as well as the applicable law regarding privacy and data protection of the AFFILIATE’s country of origin. Please, read the content policy carefully, to understand what we consider inappropriate content.

Once the content of the web page has been reviewed, in case of acceptance of the request by WE TRAVEL HUB, we will send you an email of acceptance that will constitute a legally binding agreement between WE TRAVEL HUB and the AFFILIATE. The acceptance or rejection email will be sent within seven (7) days from the request.

WE TRAVEL HUB reserves the right to cancel an AFFILIATE’s account at their discretion, for example, if they consider that an anomalous number of queries to the search engine are occurring through the AFFILIATE’s web page, or due to the inclusion of non-appropriate content, among others, once the AFFILIATE’s application has been approved.

WE TRAVEL HUB may modify any aspect of the conditions described here at their discretion, updating these conditions, and communicating these changes through the email indicated by their AFFILIATES.

Last updated July 06, 2021.

Article I. Identification

On the one hand, the owner of the rights to use the website, as well as the software that enables the The Travel Button® and the travel search engine, We Travel Hub Solutions S.L, hereinafter WE TRAVEL HUB.

  • Identity: We Travel Hub Solutions S.L. (hereinafter “WE TRAVEL HUB” or “We”).
  • Address: Paseo de la Castellana nº182 6º CP 28046 Madrid. Spain
  • Commercial Registry of Madrid (“Registro Mercantil de Madrid”): Volume 39.729, Folio number 108, Page M705.931, 1st Inscription
  • Tax identification number: B88496906
  • Email address: [email protected]

WE TRAVEL HUB is defined as a provider of services of the information society and electronic commerce, under the terms contemplated in Law 34/2002, of services of the information society and electronic commerce (hereinafter, “LSSICE”).

On the other hand, the person who participates or intends to participate in the WE TRAVEL HUB Affiliate Network will be considered to the effects of the applicable regulation and for the purposes mentioned as “AFFILIATE”.

Article II. Object

The terms and conditions described below regulate the use of the software, participation in the Affiliate Network, as well as the possible participation on the different affiliate programs, without prejudice to the fact that those or these terms may be modified or adapted at any time by We Travel Hub Solutions SL. Such modifications or changes will be accepted automatically once the AFFILIATE browses through or uses the website.

In the event that, for the use or navigation of/for certain services specific conditions are required, other than those described, these conditions will be visible and clearly displayed to the AFFILIATE; the use or navigation through these sections will imply the automatic acceptance of the applicable particular conditions.

Article III. Definitions

Travel products and services: Transportation services are understood as such, whether by air, sea, or land; accommodation services, hotel, apartment, hostel, or any other overnight alternative; restaurant services; as well as services related to leisure activities.

Travel providers: Companies that provide and are the final contracting party for possible travel products and services.

Visitors: Individuals who, browsing through the web pages of our AFFILIATES, access the WE TRAVEL HUB travel search engine and make use of its functionalities by interacting with The Travel Button®.

Travel search engine: It refers to the technological solution that allows the display of travel products and services based on the queries made by Visitors.

Affiliate: Person or company that owns a website or manages at least one web page that is part of the WE TRAVEL HUB Affiliate Network.

Bonus: Amount validated and finally granted to the AFFILIATE that may be collected by the same under the payment conditions of WE TRAVEL HUB.

The Travel Button®: It is the visual representation of access to the WE TRAVEL HUB travel search engine. Said access is made through the incorporation of an HTML code on the AFFILIATE’s web page. The visual appearance of The Travel Button® may be from one (1) button to four (4) buttons, depending on the configuration chosen by the AFFILIATE. The WE TRAVEL HUB travel search engine will be displayed when the AFFILIATE’s web page visitor interacts with The Travel Button®/buttons.

HTML code: Programming language used to create web pages.

Commission: It refers to the amount paid by the advertiser.

CPA: Cost Per Acquisition, the commission obtained for each effectively validated sale, that is, for the redirection of a visitor from one of our AFFILIATES, through The Travel Button®, to one of the travel service provider companies, where it ends up converting when the service is hired.

Travel components: At WE TRAVEL HUB we understand by travel component each of the 4 major typologies that frame the offer of providers of possible travel-related services, that is: Transportation, Accommodation, Restaurants, and Activities.

Affiliate Program: These are the particular conditions offered by the different Travel Providers for including their advertisements in the travel search engine configured by the AFFILIATE.

Lead / Referral: It is the visitor to the AFFILIATE’s web page who clicks on any of the products or services that are shown in the travel search engine. By clicking, the lead/referral will be redirected to the travel provider’s web page where the products shown through the travel search engine will be available for purchase.

Tracking Technology: It is the technology that allows us to know if a referral has finally purchased a product or service on the advertiser’s website.

Transaction: It refers to the contracting by the visitor of any of the products or services shown in the travel search engine whose origin is the AFFILIATE’s web page.

User: Any visitor who accesses the website, prior approval to join the WE TRAVEL HUB affiliation network.

Article IV. Use of the We Travel Hub Affiliate Network

If you decide to register in the WE TRAVEL HUB Affiliate Network, and as a result create an account, you will be responsible to keep your account’s information confidential, that is, data such as username, email address, as well as passwords. You will be solely responsible for the use you make of Our Website and the Affiliate Network service, and for whoever uses your password and login information (with or without your permission). All information regarding your WE TRAVEL HUB account must be accurate and up to date. If any information changes, you should update it immediately. If you have any reason to believe that your account is no longer secure (for example, loss, theft, or unauthorized access to your information, computer, or mobile device used to access Our Website), you must immediately change the information concerned.

If you decide to receive messages or other communications from our Affiliate Network directly on your mobile device or email, you are solely responsible for keeping the information regarding your phone number or email address up to date. We will not be responsible for information sent to a device that is associated with a previous phone number or email or an outdated application. If you decide to sell or exchange a device such as a telephone or a computer in which you have stored information regarding access to your account, directly or through a third-party service, it is your responsibility to delete that information to prevent potential access by a third party.

Once the AFFILIATE has created their account and validated the ownership or timely responsibility of the web page, and received the confirmation email of acceptance in the Affiliate Network, The Travel Button® will be operational to use on the web page and enabled with the travel providers established by default, although, once the account has been approved, the AFFILIATE will be able to configure the travel search engine with the services and travel providers that best suit their needs.

Ultimately, the travel service provider, or the advertiser, may reject the use of their products for a particular AFFILIATE. This will not cause said AFFILIATE to be left out of the WE TRAVEL HUB Affiliate Network, they will simply not be able to advertise the products of said travel provider.

Article V. Travel Button customization

The AFFILIATE may personalize the button or buttons that will be displayed on their web page through the configurator present on the WE TRAVEL HUB affiliate website, where they can customize design aspects such as:

Type: Drop-down button, multiple buttons, or direct links.

Travel components: You can choose to display from one (1) to four (4) different travel components, that is accommodation, transport, restaurants, and activities. For example, if the AFFILIATE is a restaurant, they may choose to configure their search engine with accommodation, transportation, and activities, not including catering.

Colors: You can choose from several customization options, either the color of the button, its shade when highlighted, or the icon’s color.

Size: Both the size and shape of the buttons can be customized.

Position: You can choose the location that the button or buttons will occupy, as well as its absolute position, i.e., fixed in a place or floating.

Article VI. Account management through the affiliate’s private account

In the AFFILIATE’s private account, the AFFILIATE may complement the information provided in the registration process, such as telephone number, information on their web page, or the information necessary to receive the bonuses arising from the search engine.

When creating an account, the user will be able to fill in information about themselves, information about their web page(s), language, or currency preferences, as well as manage their passwords.

In the web section of the control panel, the AFFILIATE can verify their web page(s).

After successful validation of the web page, a tracking code will be displayed. The tracking code must be entered in the third section of The Travel Button®’s customization page. From that moment on, and as long as the present terms are complied with, The Travel Button® will start monetizing.

In the event that, in the process of approval by WE TRAVEL HUB, it is considered that the web page does not comply with the content policy, this will be duly notified by email.

Once the web page has been approved, the user will be considered an AFFILIATE and will be able to manage, in the “control panel” section, the preferences related to the configuration of the travel search engine.

The AFFILIATE will be able to verify several web pages, which will be associated with different tracking codes.

Within the available travel components, if there are different travel providers for the same component, the AFFILIATE may choose the provider or providers that they prefer to be displayed when a website visitor clicks on The Travel Button®.

Likewise, the AFFILIATE will have access to statistics such as the number of referred visitors, conversions, and ratios related to the use of The Travel Button® by We Travel Hub.

In the “balance” section, the AFFILIATE can review the amount of money generated through commissions and may manage the collection of said commissions once the payment conditions are met.

Article VII. Intellectual property

As long as they are part of the WE TRAVEL HUB Affiliate Network, the AFFILIATES will have the right to install our travel button on their web pages, the sole purpose of which is to show the tourism services of the possible travel providers that make up the search engine. This right will not be transferable to a third party.

The Travel Button® does not allow modifications or alterations in its form or operation, beyond the options that are available in the AFFILIATE’s private account or at the time of its configuration.

By virtue of this agreement, WE TRAVEL HUB guarantees the AFFILIATES a revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable license, to use The Travel Button® on their web pages, in order for the AFFILIATES to participate in the Affiliate Network and fulfill their obligations under this Agreement.

The AFFILIATE acknowledges WE TRAVEL HUB’s intellectual property and agrees not to change, reverse engineer, or create derivative works of the Affiliate Network or tracking technology.

Likewise, the AFFILIATES acknowledge being the intellectual authors of the content published on their web page or having the appropriate permissions to display it. Otherwise, WE TRAVEL HUB reserves the right to cancel the AFFILIATE’s account.

Article VIII. Affiliate responsibility

The AFFILIATES undertake to use, in good faith, the functionalities provided by our travel button to monetize the traffic of their web page.

Furthermore, the AFFILIATES undertake to comply with current legislation in the country or countries where they develop their activity, in all matters related to cookies and privacy policies.

In addition, the AFFILIATE agrees to:

  1. Comply with WE TRAVEL HUB's content policy.
  2. Do not advertise by posing as any of the brands of travel content providers that are part of WE TRAVEL HUB, especially on media such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest.
  3. Do not use web crawlers or any other automatic process to extract information from the search engine, unless expressly authorized by WE TRAVEL HUB.
  4. Do not circumvent, deactivate, or interfere in any way, with the security-related features of our website or our search engine, or the features that prevent or restrict the use or copying of any content, or impose limitations on the use of our website or any content published on it.
  5. Do not impersonate another person or entity, or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.
  6. Do not infringe or encourage others to violate any applicable law, statute, ordinance, or regulation, with or without intent.
  7. Do not provide false or misleading information.
  8. Remove or alter any copyright notice or other proprietary notices on or in relation to any content on the website..
  9. Do not carry out PPC campaigns in search engines, sending traffic directly to any of the providers that make up the WE TRAVEL HUB search engine.
  10. Do not send traffic through automatic redirects from one or more websites.
  11. Do not use the brands that make up the WE TRAVEL HUB search engine, including possible modifications to them, in:
    1. Visible URLs as well as subdomains of the URLs.
    2. Titles or in ad text.
    3. Bid on any advertising tool.
  12. Do not promote discount codes on their web page or related channels.
  13. Covertly make use of iframes to install cookies on users' computers.

Performing any of the practices described above will result in expulsion from the Affiliate Network, losing the right to receive any compensation.

The AFFILIATE undertakes to hold WE TRAVEL HUB harmless from any possible claim, fine, penalty or sanction, of any kind, that it may be obliged to bear as a result of the AFFILIATE’s breach of any of the rules of use previously mentioned or required by Law, WE TRAVEL HUB also reserves the right to request compensation for damages and/or losses that may correspond to it.

Article IX. Responsibility We Travel Hub

The AFFILIATE exempts WE TRAVEL HUB from all liability, up to the maximum allowed by Law, for all damages that may be caused by reasons directly not attributable to WE TRAVEL HUB or beyond its control, in particular, and without this enumeration being understood as limiting:

  1. Force Majeure or Act of God, which WE TRAVEL HUB could not reasonably have influenced. WE TRAVEL HUB shall not be liable for delays or failures in the performance of its obligations under this Agreement arising out of or resulting from causes beyond such party's control, including, without limitation, acts of God; acts of the Government or public enemy; natural disasters; fires; floods; epidemics; quarantine restrictions; strikes; embargoes of goods; wars; acts of terrorism; equipment breakdown (which is beyond the reasonable control of WE TRAVEL HUB and which in any event WE TRAVEL HUB will make every reasonable effort to remedy the situation) which prevents the normal operation of The Travel Button® as well as the normal operation of payments derived from commissions generated; or, in the case of service providers, a default beyond the reasonable control of the provider (in each case, a "Force Majeure Event"). The party suffering a Force Majeure Event shall provide the other party with prompt written notice of (i) the occurrence of the Force Majeure Event, (ii) the date such party reasonably anticipates resuming performance under this Agreement and, if applicable, (iii) such party’s request to extend the Term of this Agreement.
  2. As a result of interference by third parties in the communication and transmission systems used by WE TRAVEL HUB or by the AFFILIATE.
  3. Due to malfunction or interruption of the services provided through The Travel Button® and/or the website or the AFFILIATE’s private account, by virtue of fraud, fault, error, or any type of act attributable to the AFFILIATE or third parties.
  4. In case of loss or destruction of the data registered in the WE TRAVEL HUB systems.
  5. In the event that the transmission of data through WE TRAVEL HUB systems is not carried out correctly or is done in an incorrect, inaccurate, incomplete, distorted, or delayed manner.
  6. In the event of non-payment by the final service providers.
  7. Derived from the existence of viruses, Trojan horses, or other malicious software elements.

Likewise, the maximum liability of WE TRAVEL HUB, derived from the execution of these Terms and Conditions will be limited, when permitted by Law, to the maximum amount of rewards received by the AFFILIATE in the three months prior to the moment in which the harmful event occurs.

WE TRAVEL HUB does not guarantee in any case the suitability of the products and/or services offered by the travel providers, nor does it assume any responsibility or offer guarantees of any kind or nature in relation to the fulfillment or non-fulfillment of the obligations that correspond to the owners and/or providers of said services, including, but not limited to, the conditions of the offers made. WE TRAVEL HUB is foreign to the relationships that may be established between visitors derived through The Travel Button® and the aforementioned service providers.

Article X. Monitoring and validation of conversions

For the correct development of the monetization model by CPA, it is not necessary to accept the use of any specific type of cookie from WE TRAVEL WEB within the AFFILIATE’s web pages.

Each visitor to the AFFILIATE’s web pages, who uses the search button and ends up visiting the website of the final provider of any of the advertised services, will be anonymously linked to a lead tracking code, hereinafter CSL. This code will be validated with the final providers for the final award of the commission, in the event that the AFFILIATE’s website visitor ends up purchasing on the travel provider’s website.

The validation of the transaction will depend on the effective conversion of the visitor on the travel provider’s website, and it should be done within the duration of the cookies established by the final travel providers on their respective web pages. This information will be available in the AFFILIATE’s private account on the WE TRAVEL HUB website.

The validation of the conversion could be subject to specific terms of the program of the travel provider in question, which may specify some type of cookie priority when attributing the appropriate commission generated when making a sale to a visitor with two (2) different cookie origins.

Finally, travel providers may reject sales based on particular conditions explained in the terms of their affiliate program. An example of cancellation of a sale is if the final service provider accepts cancellations, this could happen if the visitor cancels the reservation of the previously contracted service. By not generating real income, the service provider could cancel the commission that would have been generated had there been no cancellation.

Article XI. Content policy

WE TRAVEL HUB was born as an Affiliate Network specialized in travel-themed web pages or directly related to tourism, therefore the content the web pages where our AFFILIATES want to enable The Travel Button® must be, at least, for the most part, content that reports about places, experiences, products, or services related to tourism, web pages that encourage visitors to visit a place and/or enjoy an experience.

Our mission is to facilitate the monetization of the content of our AFFILIATE’s web pages, showing those of their visitors who make use of The Travel Button® the information of the travel services that may be most useful, saving time and simplifying booking.

While it is not required that all the content of our AFFILIATES’ web pages pertain to travel, there are limitations on the content that AFFILIATES can display on their web pages in order to belong to the WE TRAVEL HUB Affiliate Network.

When we refer to the content of the AFFILIATES’ web pages, we are referring not only to the published written content but to everything that appears on their website or application, this includes other advertisements and links to other websites or applications.

Thus, web pages that contain any of the following may not belong to our Affiliate Network:

  1. Contain illegal content, incite illegal activity, or infringe the legal rights of third parties.
  2. Contain content that infringes or helps infringe intellectual property rights or copyrights.
  3. Contain content that promotes the sale of threatened or endangered species, be it animals or plants, or products derived from them.
  4. Its content promotes violence, incites hatred, discrimination, or contempt towards a person or group of people for any reason, especially because of sex, religion, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, or origin.
  5. Promote dishonest behavior.
  6. Contain false or deliberately misrepresented content to create confusion for users regardless of the purpose of such a situation.
  7. Contain content of an explicit sexual nature, either through images, videos, audios, texts, or games, showing consensual or non-consensual sexual acts, whether simulated or real.
  8. Contain content that promotes prostitution, escort services, partner exchange, or intimate massages.
  9. Contain content on weapons and explosives.
  10. Contain content on pharmaceutical products.
  11. Promote or contain content related to child sexual abuse or exploitation and pedophilia.
  12. Offer marriage services to foreigners.
  13. Contain malicious software that can damage computer equipment or access it without the consent of the respective owners.
  14. Install software or applications without the consent of the users.
  15. Other situations, similar to the above.

The display of such content on the web page will imply non-acceptance in the WE TRAVEL HUB Affiliate Network. If once accepted in the Affiliate Network, the AFFILIATE shares any of the aforementioned content, such fact will entail expulsion from the Affiliate Network, losing the right to receive any compensation.

Failure to comply with any of the conditions set out here will lead to the cancellation of the account, as well as a possible complaint, if we understand that the content violates current legislation in any way.

If you detect any web page that is using our Affiliate Network with offensive content, or that does not comply with the terms of the content policy, please let us know at [email protected].

Article XII. Payment conditions

As an AFFILIATE, you will receive 70 % of the total commission paid by the travel providers when any of their services are contracted.

WE TRAVEL HUB will pay the AFFILIATE’s commissions, for hosting the software application, once said commissions have been paid by the travel providers or advertisers.

Once the Visitor leaves the AFFILIATE’s web page, to navigate the website of one of the travel providers shown in the WE TRAVEL HUB search engine, a lead will be generated.

On occasions, a Visitor to the web page of an AFFILIATE who uses The Travel Button® to later purchase a product on the website of a travel provider could make a cancellation, which would entail the non-collection of the commission by the AFFILIATE, so advertisers will only pay WE TRAVEL HUB, and the latter in turn to the AFFILIATE, once the visitor who actually makes a reservation has enjoyed the contracted service.

From the moment WE TRAVEL HUB receives the money from the generated commission until the funds are available in the AFFILIATE’s balance, it may take up to seven (7) days.

In order to make the total of the commissions generated effective, the AFFILIATE must have managed to accumulate in his balance a minimum indicated in the AFFILIATE’s private account, and which will be determined according to the AFFILIATE’s country of residence.

As long as the specified minimum threshold is reached, the AFFILIATE may request the collection of accumulated commissions. Once said collection has been requested, we will proceed to pay the amount within the payment period established in this document.

WE TRAVEL HUB will cover the cost of the transfer up to a certain limit depending on the AFFILIATE’s country of residence, if the limit that will be specified in the AFFILIATE’s private account is exceeded, the AFFILIATE will pay the remaining cost subtracted from the amount to be collected.

The reference currency that will be shown in the economic information of the AFFILIATE’s private account will be the Euro. However, at the time of collection, the conversion will be applied at the exchange rate in force at that time, subtracting the possible commissions that could be generated.

The AFFILIATE may change the reference currency in which to display the economic information, although it must be taken as an informative indicator since the final amount to be collected will be determined by the amount to be collected in euros applying the exchange rate in force in the moment of the request for payment and subtracting the possible commissions for the exchange rate and transfer.

The payment period will take place between the 15th and 20th of the month following the payment request. That is, if an AFFILIATE requests payment on January 30, commissions will be paid between February 15 and 20, if requested on February 1, payment will be made between March 15 and 20.

The wire transfer process can take 5-10 days until the AFFILIATE receives the funds in their bank account.

Additionally, once the AFFILIATE has asked to collect the generated commissions, WE TRAVEL HUB will request proof of tax residency, to be attached in the AFFILIATE’s account, following the navigation path: control panel / balance / payment info.

Article XIII. Taxes

The AFFILIATE will be responsible, in all cases, for complying with tax obligations depending on their place of tax residence. Depending on the country of origin, the AFFILIATE may have to provide tax information to WE TRAVEL HUB. We reserve the right to withhold commissions until such tax information is provided.

The AFFILIATE will be responsible for all taxes, if any, associated with the revenue charged for the web hosting services provided. All payments made by WE TRAVEL HUB are inclusive of taxes (whenever applicable) and no further adjustment is required.

WE TRAVEL HUB reserves the right to reduce from the total amount to be collected the equivalent taxes, based on the tax obligations of the country where the AFFILIATE has tax residence.

In the case of professionals or natural persons, WE TRAVEL HUB reserves the right to reduce the percentage of withholding tax in accordance with current legislation in Spain, and possible double taxation agreements of the country where the AFFILIATE is resident for tax purposes.

The particular conditions of taxation will be specified in the AFFILIATE’s private account, in the route: control panel / balance / payment info, depending on the country of fiscal residence of the AFFILIATE.

Article XIV. List of countries from which it is possible to use The Travel Button®

The Travel Button® may be used by citizens or companies located in the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Andorra
  • Australia
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Bulgaria
  • Chile
  • Cyprus
  • South Korea
  • Croatia
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Slovakia
  • Slovenia
  • United States of America
  • Spain
  • Estonia
  • Philippines
  • Finland
  • France
  • Georgia
  • Gibraltar
  • Greece
  • Netherlands
  • Hong Kong
  • Hungary
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Iceland
  • Israel
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Luxembourg
  • Malaysia
  • Malta
  • Morocco
  • Mexico
  • Norway
  • New Zeland
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • United Kingdom
  • Czech Republic
  • Romania
  • Russia
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Switzerland
  • Thailand
  • Turkey
  • Uruguay
  • Vietnam

All the countries mentioned above will be subject to the conditions expressed in these terms, with the appropriate particularities in terms of taxation.

For those potential AFFILIATES whose tax residence is in a country other than those mentioned above, and that are interested in monetizing their web pages with our travel button, please inquire about the particular conditions via the following email [email protected].

Article XV. Account cancellation

In case an AFFILIATE wants to cancel their account, they can do so through the AFFILIATE’s private account, following the navigation path:

account info / security / delete account.

The AFFILIATE may cancel the account at any time, applying the following conditions:

  • If they have not generated any commission, the cancellation will be instantaneous.
  • If they have generated an amount of less than 100 €, the process of transferring the funds will begin according to the conditions established in the AFFILIATE’s private account, subtracting from the total amount of any commissions that may be incurred when making the opportune transaction. In case the transfer fees are higher than the amount generated, the transfer of funds will not be made, so if they decide to cancel the account, they will not receive any bonus.
  • If they have generated a commission greater than 100 €, the normal transfer of the funds will proceed according to the conditions established in the AFFILIATE’s private account.

The payment of said amount may be delayed up to a maximum of 80 days.

In case the AFFILIATE only wants to suspend their participation in the Affiliate Network temporarily, they will only have to remove the button or buttons from their web pages.

Once the cancellation is requested, the AFFILIATE will receive an email with a link that must be clicked to confirm and finalize the cancellation of the account.

If a former WE TRAVEL HUB Affiliate decides to rejoin the Affiliate Network, they will have to go through the registration process under a new email address.

Article XVI. Confidentiality and data protection

Responsible for the treatment: We Travel Hub Solutions S.L. Address: Paseo de la Castellana nº182 6º CP 28046 Madrid. CIF: B88496906; Commercial Registry of Madrid, Volume 39,729, Folio 21, Page M705,931, 1st Inscription; Email: [email protected]

Purposes of the processing of AFFILIATES data: (i) to understand the hobbies and preferences of our customers and followers in order to offer appropriate and quality content, through the processing of traffic and browsing data; (ii) to get in touch with our clients to offer help or answer their queries and requirements; (iii) carry out, when appropriate, and when we have consent from our clients and users, respectful and relevant commercial communications; (iv) the fulfillment of our legal obligations, either in terms of data protection, or in collaboration for the investigation of illicit acts; (v) comply with this users license agreement and verify compliance with the rules by users; (vi) obtain data to improve the quality, web usability, and user experience.

Period for which the data will be processed: it depends in any case on the purposes for which we process the data, therefore, with respect to the above purposes, the retention periods that we propose are (i) 18 months, since we are talking about traffic data; (ii) as long as it is necessary to maintain communication with our AFFILIATES; (iii) as long as we maintain the consent of our AFFILIATES; (iv) for the time necessary to fulfill the applicable obligations; (v) at most, until the expiration of the statute of limitations for the applicable criminal or civil actions, that is, 5 years; (vi) by application of the regulations on retention of electronic communications data, 18 months.

Legitimation for the treatment of the data: it depends in any case on the purposes for which we process the data, therefore, with respect to the previous purposes, our bases of legitimation are: (i) legitimate interest that affects the benefit of our AFFILIATES because thus we can offer more relevant and quality content; (ii) our legitimate interest in keeping in touch with our AFFILIATES and their consent when communications are made through the contact form enabled on our website; (iii) our AFFILIATES consent to receive such communications; (iv) compliance with the legal obligations that apply to us; (v) fulfillment of a user license agreement between the parties; (vi) legitimate interest in improving the usability and experience of the website.

Data transfer: from WE TRAVEL HUB we do not transfer data to third parties without the consent of our AFFILIATES.

Your rights: The AFFILIATE has the right to ask WE TRAVEL HUB, at the following email address: [email protected] (i) access to their data; (ii) the rectification of their data, because We also want to ensure that their information is accurate and updated; (iii) the deletion of their data; (iv) the opposition to the processing of their data or the withdrawal of their consent; (v) the limitation of the processing of the data that concerns them and the (vi) portability of their data. If they have any complaints about how we treat their data, they have the right to file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (AEPD).

Article XVII. Miscellany

The AFFILIATE, in addition to the above, must consider that:

  1. The headings and titles are merely informative, and will not affect, qualify, or expand the interpretation of these Terms. These guidelines, terms, or information may be totally or partially modified by communication or modification in the same way in which they are shown.
  2. In the event that any provision of these Terms shall be declared void or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by any Court, Tribunal, or competent administrative body, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the remaining provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
  3. The non-exercise or execution by WE TRAVEL HUB of any right or provision contained in these Terms and Conditions will not constitute a waiver thereof unless acknowledged and agreed to in writing by you.
  4. The AFFILIATE is aware that this Agreement has been originally drafted in Spanish and accepts that, in the event of inconsistencies or differences in interpretation between the Spanish version and a translated version, the Spanish version will prevail.

Article XVIII. Validity, applicable legislation, and competent jurisdiction

We reserve the right to modify these Terms at any time and for any reason by posting a new version on Our Website. These changes do not affect the rights and obligations that arose before said modifications. After the publication of the modifications to the Terms, the use made of Our Website will be subject to the Terms in force at the time of access. If you have objections to any of the clauses of the Terms, or any of the modifications made, or if you are no longer satisfied with Our Website, your last and only recourse is to stop using Our Website.

No content in these Terms will constitute a party as an agent or representative of the other party, or both parties as associates or partners for a purpose. There is no employment relationship. You may not assign, delegate, or transfer your rights or obligations defined in these Terms without our consent, although we will not object to granting you such consent with proper motivation. We may assign our rights and duties defined in these Terms after verification that your rights, granted by these Terms, are not prejudiced.

If at any time, we do not act in connection with your breach of these Terms or that of any other user, we will not be giving up our right to act with respect to future or similar breaches. If a court finds that some of these Terms are unenforceable or invalid, these Terms will remain in effect to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, while the other Terms will remain valid and enforceable. These Terms form the entire agreement between us regarding the use of Our Website and supersede any prior agreements regarding the use of Our Website.

In accordance with the legal framework, these Terms and any claims or complaints derived from or connected to them (including non-contractual claims) as well as compliance with them, will be interpreted in accordance with Spanish law. If you take legal action related to the use of Our Website, including the service of the Affiliate Network, or these Terms, you agree to bring such action to the courts and tribunals of Madrid, Spain. The jurisdiction of the Transport Arbitration Boards is expressly excluded. In such actions or in those that we may initiate, the complying party may recover all legal expenses that have been incurred as a result of such claim, including, but not limited to, the costs, whether or not they are subject to taxes, and the fees of lawyers, experts, and attorneys. In accordance with the legal framework, you agree that any lawsuit, claims, and grounds for legal action that arise as a consequence of or are related to Our Website and/or these Terms will be resolved individually, without resorting to any class action lawsuit.

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