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The Travel Button® on TikTok

Simple steps to add The Travel Button® to your TikTok jumps

Add The Travel Button® to your TikTok bio with a hyperlink, and give your audience access to your very own travel search engine.

Head to your profile page, tap ‘Edit profile’ and see if you have the ‘Website’ option available. If you do, select it to add a hyperlink to your personalized travel search engine.

You don’t see the ‘Website’ option?

Follow the steps detailed below:

1) Open TikTok and tap ‘Profile’.

2) Access the ‘Setting and Privacy’ page, and tap ‘Manage account’.

3) Tap ‘Switch to business account’.

4) Follow the process, select your business category and so on, and tap ‘Next’.

5) Back on your profile page, tap ‘Edit profile’ – there you’ll see the ‘Website’ option has become available.

6) Now it’s time to set up your personalized travel search engine. On our website, go to ‘customize The Travel Button®’.

7) Select the ‘direct links’ option in step 1.

8) You can link your travel search engine with a particular destination, if you wish.

9) In step 3, enter your tracking code.

10) Click ‘copy URL’.

  • use the first two options (global and go buttons) if you want to display a global search engine, or choose one of the other available options, to offer more tailored information.

11) Go back to your TikTok profile page and paste the direct link in the ‘website’ window. The link will now be shown in your bio.

  • You can use a URL shortener. The link will redirect to your travel search engine, and we’ll still be able to track any transactions originating on your channel.

Switching to a business account is free and you can switch between it and a personal account at your discretion. However, business accounts are limited in their ability to play songs or sounds in videos that aren’t licensed for commercial use. Personal accounts don’t have these restrictions.

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