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The Travel Button® on YouTube

Simple steps to add The Travel Button® to your YouTube videos

Every YouTube video is accompanied by a description. This is the text that’s directly underneath the username of who uploaded the video.

You can use it to give the video context, explain why it was made, and even link to relevant websites, making it the perfect place for you to point your audience towards your travel search engine.

1) Upload a new video to YouTube or edit the description of a video that’s already been posted on your channel.

2) Through your profile picture, access ‘YouTube Studio’.

3) A new page will open, with a summary of all your videos.

4) Choose the video you want to edit, click its title and you’ll be brought to its Edit details menu, where you can edit the video’s title and description.

5) Now you must set up your personalized travel search engine. On our website, go to ‘customize The Travel Button®’.

6) Select the ‘direct links’ option in step 1.

7) Link your travel search engine with the destination, if you wish.

8) In step 3, enter your tracking code.

9) Click ‘copy URL’.

  • use the first two options (global and go buttons) if you want to display a global search engine, or choose one of the other available options, to offer more tailored information.

10) Go back to YouTube studio and paste the direct link in the description box. You can use a URL shortener – the link will redirect to your travel search engine, and we’ll still be able to track any transactions originating on your channel.

11) Make sure to click ‘save’ afterward.

Keep in mind that if you’re part of the YouTube Partner Programme, and your website has been approved, you can add a link to your publications on cards or end screens. You won’t be able to share our custom URL, but if you’re using our Travel Button on your publications, your audience need only click the button to access your personalized travel search engine.

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