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The Travel Button® on Instagram

Simple steps to add The Travel Button® to your Instagram stories

Follow this step-by-step tutorial and learn how to use The Travel Button® on your IG stories.

If you have more than 10k followers, you can link your favorite content with your very own travel search engine, pointing your audience in the right direction.

1) Open the Instagram App and click your profile photo, in the top left side corner of the screen.

2) Take a picture, record a video, or upload content from your smartphone’s gallery.

3) Choose the photo or video you want to share with your audience and upload it – just click on it - to the social network.

4) Now it’s time to set up The Travel Button® and your personalized search engine. On our website, go to ‘customize The Travel Button®’.

5) Select the ‘direct links’ option in step 1.

6) Link your travel search engine with the destination shown in your story.

7) In step 3, enter your tracking code.

8) Click ‘copy URL’.

  • use the first two options (global or go button) if you want to display a global search engine, or choose one of the other available options to offer more tailored information.

9) Go back to the IG App, choose a sticker, and link it to your search engine using the URL you’ve copied from our webpage.

10) Now you can add effects, the location you’re promoting, a nice tune, or even a call to action so that your followers clicks on the link to the search engine. Once you’re happy with the result, share it with your audience.

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