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Validate your website

Simple steps to validate your website

To validate your website on We Travel Hub you must:

  • Prove that the web page you want to validate is yours, or that you are responsible for managing the published content.
  • Comply with our content policy.

We’ll show you how!

First, you must register on our platform. If you already have a We Travel Hub account, please skip the first 3 steps of this tutorial.

  1. Visit our affiliates web page, clic ‘sign up’ below the login form, enter your data, and click ‘send’.
  1. Now you need to verify your email address. You will receive an email from [email protected]

  2. Open it and click the ‘verify now’ button. Once verification is complete, please log in to We Travel Hub.

  3. In your account, go to the website tab and click ‘new website’.

  1. Fill in your website details and click ‘save’.
  1. Instructions will be loaded so that you can continue with the verification process – the same as explained below.
  1. You can verify the ownership of your website by uploading a TXT or HTML file to the root directory, or by creating a new page on your website.

    • For the latter, add a page to your website and edit the URL so it shows the validation code that appears in your account. You do not need to add text or any other content.

    • You can also upload a TXT or HTML file, with the same code, to the root directory of your website.

  1. When it’s done, click the ‘verify website’ button.
  • If your website could not be verified, please write to us at [email protected] So that we can help you as quickly and effectively as possible, do not forget to specify, in the subject line of the email, that you have been unable to verify your website.
  1. Your website status will then change to ‘pending content approval’.
  1. We will check that it complies with our content policy and send you an email within 48 hours.

  2. Once the validation process is finished, you will have access to a tracking code, exclusive for this website.

  3. You can now delete the page or file you have created for this process.

  4. To install the Travel Button® on your website, you must copy - click the ‘copy tracking code’ button next to your code - and enter the tracking code in step 3 of the button customization page.

Welcome on board! You can now monetize your content.

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